Eva Schubert
Eva Schubert is a singer and songwriter based in Vancouver, Canada. Inspired by jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Nina Simone, blues icons like Etta James, and — perhaps improbably — Leonard Cohen, she writes in a diverse range of styles.


Eva Schubert/Poetry (Page 3)



Somewhere— in some other place Far, far from here If I had seen your face Would it have been clear Chorus: That you and I Have so many things to say That the hours of the day Seem to vanish when you’re near That you’re marvelous, my dear. If I had seen you glance at me On some crowded city street Could I have guessed the alchemy Were we to meet Chorus If I had watched you thrill a crowd Would I have stayed As long as time and space allowed Suspicions...


I like to plan in advance I always know the score Before the music is played Before I walk out the door I like to draw a map From A to Z So I can walk that line And I know where I’ll be Chorus: You’re a hitch in my plan A glitch on the track You’ve got me shifting my ground I think I’m changing my tack But you’re a hitch in my plan A switch on the line I’ve got to rewrite the script You’ve got me changing...

Ladies’ Man

He’s a man who knows his threads He’s got purpose in his stride He’s used to turning heads And rarely gets denied He’s got the sweetest lines He knows just what to say You won’t pick up the signs Until it’s too late Chorus: Oh—what do you do with a ladies’ man He’s gonna get, gonna get, all the love he can He’s gonna be, gonna be, Some other lady’s man He knows just how to kiss you Light a fire through your skin Make love like he was...