Voodoo Magic Man

I got a fever
Can’t clear my head
All I want to do
Is crawl back into bed
I called the doctor
But he didn’t have a plan
The only one left to call
Is the voodoo magic man

Oh….the way he works
Is something I don’t understand
But he leaves me feeling better
That voodoo magic man

He mutters about chakras
And evil spirits too
Even said my aura
Was looking kind of blue
He said, “We got to treat this
With the laying on of hands”
I said, “Do what you got to do
voodoo magic man.”


He said, “It’s gonna make you sweat
The medicine is strong.”
And then he started working
And it lasted all night long
Feels like he’s got me pinned
He cast some kind of spell
Must be that voodoo magic
He does so very well



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