I like to plan in advance
I always know the score
Before the music is played
Before I walk out the door
I like to draw a map
From A to Z
So I can walk that line
And I know where I’ll be

You’re a hitch in my plan
A glitch on the track
You’ve got me shifting my ground
I think I’m changing my tack
But you’re a hitch in my plan
A switch on the line
I’ve got to rewrite the script
You’ve got me changing my mind

Well I was carrying on
The way I always do
Nothing broke my stride
Or really challenged my views
Then along you came
Life threw me a curve
You were talking so sweet
Where did you get the nerve?


Oh the way you work
Leaves me wanting more
The effect you have
Is hard to ignore
You’ve got me wondering
What I’m going to do
Because I never planned
For someone like you



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