Let’s not pick out curtains
Life’s moved us too far
To think of shared addresses
Or quarrels in the car
There are too many pieces
Now to rearrange
But if I tell you this
Will you think it strange

There’s a hidden place
No eye can see
Sheltered from the storm
Of reality
And when I close my eyes
That’s where I’ll be
In the secret world of you and me

We will never work out
How to pay the rent
Or have conversations
About how much we’ve spent
You’ll always live about it
In a place no one can find
A permanent companion
In the landscape of my mind


You’ve got to travel your road
I’ll be walking mine
Waking up beside you
Is not in the design
But the place I keep you
Has an everglow
Safe from all the wearing
And the dust of the road



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