Eva Schubert
Eva Schubert is a singer and songwriter based in Vancouver, Canada. Inspired by jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Nina Simone, blues icons like Etta James, and — perhaps improbably — Leonard Cohen, she writes in a diverse range of styles.


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Flying High

I used to sit and sigh Watching life pass me by Unfit for the role I played Unhappy with the words I’d say I used to be a puppet on a string Pulled into all sorts of crazy things ‘Til I walked right out of that frame Stopped playing that losing game Chorus: Now I’m flying high The view from here is open sky My dreams have never been so wide I’m…flying high It’s not easy to let go But if you don’t you’ll never know All the things...

Notebooks everywhere

                    I have notebooks everywhere.  There is one I carry in my bag as I am out doing my errands.  Another sits on my work desk.  Still others lurk on the shelves of another room, and there is one beside my bed. Why all this paper in the digital age? It's partly habit.  I kept a diary for years.  Something about the pen moving across paper, kept in a beautiful binding, was very attractive to me.  I...