Eva Schubert
Eva Schubert is a singer and songwriter based in Vancouver, Canada. Inspired by jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Nina Simone, blues icons like Etta James, and — perhaps improbably — Leonard Cohen, she writes in a diverse range of styles.


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You were opaque to me that first summer All smooth surfaces, firm limbs And eyes that glimmered like the evening sea I moved along the edges seeing My own face in twin mirrors The angle of your approach Observation drew me deeper The long scar—white testament To a fight you wouldn’t lose An arm broken before resolve The particular shape Hours of effort gave your hands I have gathered all these signs The face of a child who had your name A summer of wild-water grief The whisper of...

Night River

When I am not writing songs, I write poetry. In fact, reading and writing poetry was a regular part of my life for almost as long as I can remember...

Trails of Joy

Your touch is fire, beloved Sudden sparks along the neural net Leaping, arcing, spreading Beneath my skin Like sky-dazzling diamond peonies On the Fourth of July Fading into glow Breaking into slow flame Blazing and roaring, incandescent Until we fall -- embered with bliss Trailing light Into the silent depths Of the flesh-colored nights Phosphorescent down the long hall of memory Like bonfires along a beach Light towers for a midnight ship They are patterns against the dark Trails of fleeting joy Lamps leading home...