They Say (Lyrics)










This time I said

I’m going to keep my cool

Not going to lose my head

Not going to play the fool

And that four letter word

I will not speak

The one that starts with “L”

And ends with “E”



But everywhere I go

People seem to know

Just what I’m not speaking of

And they say…. They say

“You must be in love”


Stopped by a café

One Saturday afternoon

I had a smile on my face

I was humming a tune

And the barista said

As she poured my brew

“You must have someone

Who is very good to you”


Chorus:  Oh everywhere I go…


Strolling in the park

He was by my side

When a man and wife

Came cycling by

And they called out

“Love looks good on you,

We know just how it feels

‘Cause we’re still in love too”




Had my neighbour’s child

Sitting on my knee

She was asking about

That man and me

I said “He’s just a friend”

But then she called my bluff

She said, “Do you mean

That man you love?”


Chorus (double)



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