The Man Who Isn’t There

Well you’ve driven me to music
I hope you’re satisfied
I’m drunk on a longing
That will always be denied
I write these songs like sonar
Or stones into a well
I’m looking for an echo
But the silence tells

And I’m singing in the dark
For a man who isn’t there
But I’ve learned to love the aching
And the wistful smile I wear

I’ve studied all the poets
But you don’t read that stuff
Pages of perfect sonnets
Would never be enough
I’m looking for the words
The right combination
To crack your jaded heart
Some magic incantation


If I could sing like Ella
Or Billie Holiday
Or write a great novella
You might look my way
You’ve given me the music
Though it’s dipped in shades of blue
But I’m always singing
When I think of you



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