Never Touched the Ground

Well I was hungry and cold
Living proud and alone
With the carcass of love
Nothing left but the bones
And just when in desperation
I thought I’d throw myself away
You came like an answer
To a prayer I didn’t say

And my feet never touched the ground
Took a leap and kept on flying
I keep waiting for the landing sound
Oh – be gentle if you let me down

Pile of dreams in the corner
Motionless and blue
But I still heard the echo
From the days when they were new
Yet somewhere there was music
As from a distant room
And when I opened a window
That’s when I saw you


I was trapped in a tower
The walls looked like stone
Each year grew colder
Had no room of my own
And just when I had decided
Love was a prisoner’s game
Oh I made my plan of escape
And then you came calling my name



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