Hot Damn Romance- the EP

I am excited to announce that there is new music almost ready to release. This year I released some songs as singles, and now there is an EP of five more songs that will come out in September.

These tracks are special because they feature the incredible skills of some very fine musicians from Toronto. Producer Bryant Didier of BMusique Studios is a friend of a very good friend of mine, who made the introduction. From the beginning, I loved his interpretation of the songs I had written.

At the end of May I flew out to Toronto to meet Bryant and his team, and tackle the very ambitious goal of creating this EP in a weekend. Needless to say, there were some very long nights in the studio. Strangely, when you are completely engrossed in doing something you love, the time slips by lightly and the late nights don’t seem to weigh as much. Some of the video footage we took of these recording sessions was taken at two or three in the morning, but somehow it didn’t seem to matter.

The EP has songs like “Sweet Man”, with a Billie Holiday vibe, and “Brawler”, with a funky jazz strut. As a special treat, the track “Water” fuses poetry and music to create something a bit different from the vintage sound I usually go for.

Mike Kavalerchik brought an astonishing range of skills and emotional depth to the guitar pieces. He also likes to sing, so he even had ideas for little vocal variations in some of the songs. Mark Hundervad was an incredibly precise drummer who held us all together. Alexander Brown’s trumpet brought exactly the pop and sizzle and attitude these songs needed. Meanwhile Bryant recorded it all, mixed it all, and even played a mean bass on every track. He is truly a man of many talents.

It’s always deeply satisfying to have a project complete and ready to bring into the world. I hope you enjoy my new EP, Hot Damn Romance, which will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and all the usual online places.


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