Here I Go Again

Jazz is such a large umbrella term for music. You can find the French gypsy style of Django Reinhardt, the New Orleans trumpet, melodic jazz guitar, meditative midnight sax, and even the club pumping style of Electro Swing. One of the well established sub genres of jazz is Brazilian jazz, and bossa nova in particular. “The Girl From Ipanema” is probably the most well known song from this tradition.

When I was working on “Here I Go Again”, as part of my second album, I knew it needed to be slow and lovely. I had the melody and the words, but it was my producer Paul Claxton who suggested arranging it as a bossa nova. The idea captured me immediately. That tempo and phrasing was exactly what the song needed to make it complete.

Photo: Tiziano Mammana

To produce this song, I needed to find a real Brazilian guitarist who understood the form and the feel we were after. Coincidentally, I then saw a post from Flavio Veloso, a musician from Brazil who had recently relocated to Vancouver. When we met and he played through the song, I knew he was the guy we needed.

The final product, with Flavio’s guitar and Paul’s piano, came together beautifully. It may be one of my most romantic songs to date, about how disappointment and loss can be transformed. You can see all the words in the lyrics video below. The song is available on my second album on iTunes, Amazon, and all the usual places. Enjoy!


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