Bring on the Blues

There’s always blood on the leaves
When they cut sugar cane
No pleasure’s ever offered
Without a taste of pain
You’ll always be alone
Unless you open up your door
But when the guest is gone
The quiet’s louder than before

But there’s no joy without complications
Headaches chase intoxication
You’ve got to pay your dues
So bring on the blues

When the ballerina dances
The music is complete
She pirouettes on satin shoes
That hide her bleeding feet
You’ll never feel that major thrill
‘Til you get close and bare
And nothing hurts the way you will
When you’re left waiting there


Well fire will set your face aglow
But very soon you’ll learn
If you let it light your soul
You can’t escape the burn
Someone who can make you sing
Can make you sing the blues
You can’t ride a river
Without a storm or two



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