Brawler- A new kind of song

This September I am releasing a new EP called “Hot Damn Romance”. It contains five songs, all of which I recorded in Toronto at the beginning of June. The songs are all originals, but they were written at different times.

One of the tracks, “Brawler”, is the oldest. In fact, it was part of the same stream of inspiration that created all the songs on my first album, “Songs for a Ladies’ Man”. So why did this song take so long to see the light of day?

The answer is that I could never quite nail an arrangement that sounded like the version of this song I could hear in my head. Whenever I write a song I have a sense of what it should sound like… the tempo and the instruments. This always gets refined when I work with a producer who comes up with the arrangement, but somehow this one never sounded quite right. I tried it again on my second album, but it still didn’t quite pop.

When I started talking about this EP project with producer Bryant Didier, I sent him a bunch of songs I had written but not released. He grabbed this one and sent me an initial treatment that I loved. The musicians he brought in to play on it included the sizzling trumpet player Alexander Brown, who brought the hot horn sound I had always imagined for this song.

It’s different than many of my other songs in that the lyrics are a character description from beginning to end. I don’t really think of it as a love song, but then again it might be. You decide!


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